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For your restaurant, bistro, or café

Do you care about the origin and quality of the foods you prepare in your restaurant for your guests?
Do you purchase meats, vegetables, and fruits from local farmers, grow your own herbs, and make espressos from specialty, fair-trade coffee?

Then Ravaneō’s gastronomy programme is the natural choice for you.

Together we can get the most flavour out of the ingredients and become ambassadors of amazing food.


For businesses that have the same goal as us, i.e. do things differently and continuously deliver gastronomy experiences, we have prepared a collection of our products in suitable, extra-large packages

[Joint projects and growth]

The use of Ravaneō ingredients isn’t limited in any way by the focus of your cuisine. To this end, we work together with businesses across the entire world of gastronomy with a vision of constantly pushing the quality of food higher.

Alongside restaurants, bistros, and cafés, Ravaneō also finds its place in farmers’ markets or health food stores, where our ingredients are an elegant and profitable extension of the existing assortment.

Get in contact with us via the form below for more information, access to the wholesale section, and our gastronomy programme.


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