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Rituals that matter

Eliška L.
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“Great distinctive taste and aroma. Quality comes first here. Minimalist, gentle, and beautiful packaging. Salt smells like pure sea, and incredibly seasons meals.”
Xenie Š.
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“First-class quality spices, we don't even want to use others anymore. There’s an incredible difference in taste – this spice is definitely more aromatic and flavourful than the ordinary one you can usually find at a supermarket.”
Dana N.
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“Everything was beautifully wrapped and made with a special care. Very tasty pepper and salt, and amazingly fragrant cinnamon. Great value for money.”
Michal Ch.
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“I use Ravaneō pepper every day and yet I am always surprised by its amazing aroma and taste. Together with the delicate sea salt elevates every dish to the level of Michelin chefs.”
Iva K.
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“All the pepper and salt, I don't think the difference can be expressed enough. The spice aroma is exceptionally intense and the tastes of the final meals are completely different.”

[Favourite rituals]

Gather with your friends at a table, enjoy cooking together. Sense all the flavours and scents.


All our spices and salts are always single origin. We pick them personally at places of their harvest.

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Transform everyday cooking into a unique tasty ritual and share with us your passion for good food #tastetheritual

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