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N°12 Coarse Sea Salt 200 g


Coarse crystals of surprisingly delicate sea salt have been collected along the coast of the Slovene nature reserve in Piran for the last 700 years. The conditions for producing this high-quality sea salt aren’t only provided by the ideal Mediterranean climate but also the unique know-how of the local salt workers. The salt is unrefined and purely natural.

Flavour profile: A particularly gentle, light, salty flavour, free of aggressive salinity. Rather extraordinarily full and delicate.

Use: Ideal for everyday cooking and seasoning. With its coarse crystals, the salt is perfect for salty baked goods and steaks. When seasoning food on a plate, we recommend grinding the salt in a salt mill with a ceramic grinding mechanism.

Recommended pairing: N°01 Black Kampot Pepper, combined in this recipe for roasted cauliflower with hummus. No table is complete without salt and pepper – and this sea salt and Black Kampot Pepper make a perfect pair.

Weight: 200 g

Origin: Slovenia

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White and light-grey salt has formed in the ecologically pure nature park and reserve of the Slovenian region of Piran for the past 700 years, respecting the original technology. It is formed in sunny weather by evaporating seawater in salt pans.

A local peculiarity is the cultivation of petola, i.e. a special, several millimetres thick layer of organic sediment of minerals and microorganisms that prevents the salt from being mixed with clayey silt, thanks to which the salt is both purer and whiter. Petola also functions as a biological filter, prohibiting trace elements of heavy metals in the salt crystals from settling.

The salt is hand raked from the pans into conical piles using a wooden rake called a “gavero”. In no manner can the rakes be chemically treated or coated. The gathered salt is not rinsed, rather it is hand-cleaned. This makes the end result a natural product, manufactured in harmony with the surrounding environment.

We would remind you that your daily salt intake shouldn’t surpass 5 g.

Although the product is thoroughly hand-cleaned, traces and small impurities of purely natural origin, which are typical, given the nature of this ingredient, may occasionally occur in the traditionally processed, unrefined sea salt.

100 % Coarse sea salt | Store in a dry, dark place, in a closed jar.

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