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About us

Creation and journey

We’ve carefully compiled a modern portfolio of classic ingredients from various corners of the world, meant for everyday cooking and baking.

Our goal is to raise the level of food from good to fantastic with the help of quality spices.

Healthy eating, nature, and our favourite rituals enable us to live and create in harmony.


At Ravaneō, we believe in minimalistic seasoning and the idea that making tasty food doesn’t have to be difficult. For many dishes, simply adding salt and pepper can make them even more delicious. We find this simplicity to be perfection.

The ingredients in our portfolio are chosen as responsibly as possible. Most fundamental for us are their quality, distinct origin, and everyday use in the kitchen.

The same care we take when selecting ingredients, we apply when designing kitchen accessories and finding materials to wrap our products in. Every detail is important to us.

Traditions, Rituals, and the cycle

Within their countries of origin, our ingredients boast a long tradition of growing and processing. Hidden behind their extraordinary quality and world-renowned reputation are the craftsmanship and know-how passed down within the farmers’ families for many generations. Highlighting and supporting their work help to keep these traditions and rituals alive.

Flavourful and aromatically robust ingredients, such as spices, carry a precious ability to create bonds and arouse memories that take you to your favourite places and remind you of moments spent with someone close to you. Few other ingredients have such power, and this is but one of the many reasons why we’ve dedicated our lives to spices.

We’re passing on the positive energy brought to life at Ravaneō. We work together with a sheltered workshop and, in third-world countries, we do our part in fulfilling the goals of sustainable development with the DOT Glasses project, i.e. winner of the 2020 SGDs Awards for the Czech Republic.


In our creation, you’ll find the Italian concept of slow food, Japanese minimalism, and Scandinavian aesthetics.

We hold the places where the ingredients in our portfolio come from remarkably close to our hearts. We’re intrigued by the rich history, powerful nature, and hard work that stand behind them. We enjoy personally getting to know these stories and sharing them with you.

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