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The Savory Set (black pepper + coarse sea salt + flower of salt) 380 g


Do you like to season your meals with pepper, but your consumption of salt is much higher? The Savory Set is an extension of the Dining Set and, aside from the black Kampot Pepper and coarse sea salt, it includes the flower of salt – a gourmet salt ideal for steaks and desserts.

Products in the set:
N°01 Black Kampot pepper 80 g
N°12 Coarse Sea Salt 200 g
N°15 Flower of Salt 100 g
380 g of the Ravaneō ingredients in total

In cooperation with a sheltered workshop, we pack our spices and salts into hand-finished paper boxes which are made according to our designs in the Czech Republic.

The sets are created to please you and your loved ones who may be given the ingredients as a beautiful gift.

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N°01 Black Kampot Pepper 80 g
Kampot Pepper undoubtedly belongs amongst the most delicious pepper in the world. Since the 13th century, it has been grown in the south of Cambodia in the Kampot province and bears the Protected Geographical Indication (Kampot Pepper PGI). The flavour of Black Kampot Pepper is pleasantly sharp with an intense aroma of pepper and hints of mint. Add the whole peppercorns to soups and sauces. Enjoy the pepper freshly ground on pasta as well as baked and grilled meat.

N°12 Coarse Sea Salt 200 g
On the Slovenian coast in the Piran region, delicious sea salt is formed in the clean waters of the nature reserve. Coarse, but light, salt crystals are obtained from salt pans according to the area’s 700-year-old original principles. The salt is unrefined and contains zero additives. It is perfect for everyday cooking and seasoning. With its coarse crystals, the salt is perfect for salty baked goods and steaks. When seasoning food on a plate, we recommend grinding the salt in a salt mill with a ceramic grinding mechanism.

N°15 Flower of Salt 100 g
Our flower of salt, also known as the queen amongst the salts, comes from the same Kampot region in Cambodia as our Ravaneō pepper. The crystals of the flower of salt are very fragile and have the typical pyramidal shape. Add the crystals during the final seasoning phase, ideally right before or when the meal is actually eaten. Flower of salt is distinguished on steaks, cold dishes (salads, spreads, pâtés), and chocolate and caramel desserts.

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