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N°02 Red Kampot Pepper 20 g


Precious Red Kampot Pepper directly encourages culinary experiments. When compared with black pepper, it is less sharp and reminiscent of dried, red fruit. Use when preparing both savoury and sweet dishes.

Flavour profile: A distinctly fruity and slightly sweet taste with floral tones.

Use: We recommend using in salads, seafood, and desserts. Works great when combined with dark chocolate and berries.

Recommended pairing: N°22 Ceylon Cinnamon. Try out this pairing with this recipe for spiced cranberry jam.

Weight: 20 g (enough to season approx. 60 helpings)

Origin: Cambodia

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Pepper – the superfood and beloved spice – makes for an irreplaceable part of the Ravaneō portfolio. Kampot Pepper is the fruit of the green, creeping plants of two varieties of Piper nigrum – the Kamchay and the Lampong (or the Belantoeung), grown in the Kampot province in southern Cambodia.

The tradition of growing Kampot Pepper goes back to the 13th century. Its production, however, was halted by the Khmer Rouge regime, later to be reinstated again at the end of the 20th century. Today, growing and processing Kampot Pepper are founded on their original principles. The local farmers take extra care, using solely organic fertilisers and hand-held tools, when cultivating their fields, which they have lovingly named “pepper gardens”. Due to its extraordinary properties, Kampot Pepper bears a  Protected Geographical Indication (Kampot Pepper PGI).

Depending on when it’s collected and the processing method used, we can tell the difference between green, black, red, and white pepper. All these different colour types come from the same pepper plant. Red pepper is harvested from the pepper plant once it’s completely ripe and the fruit flaunts a bright red colour. It’s then dried for 3-4 days in the sun. Once dry, the fruit turns a dark red colour.

Our spices come from small farms. After they are collected and processed, they’re sorted under strict hygienic conditions and then vacuum sealed in transparent bags, thanks to which they retain all of their aroma, freshness, and premium quality. From the farmers straight to your table. Printed on each package of Ravaneō Kampot Pepper, you’ll find the tracking number code of the farmer who grew your pepper.

100% Red Kampot Pepper | Store in a dry, dark place, in a closed jar.

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