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N°22 Ceylon Cinnamon 4 quills


Ceylon cinnamon belongs amongst the most precious and gentlest of spices. It comes from Sri Lanka and was already valued in ancient Egypt for its unique flavour, aroma, and quality. It’s most commonly used when preparing meals and beverages, however, it has an established place in the worlds of aromatherapy, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.

Flavour profile: Gentle, mildly sweet flavour with citrus tones and a spicy scent .

Use: For both sweet and savory dishes. Use the quills when making cinnamon tea, mulled wine, oatmeal, preserved fruit, and sauces. You can also easily grind the cinnamon in a manual or automatic coffee grinder at home. Ground cinnamon is ideal for baking sweet pastries, as well as making desserts, smoothies, and oriental soups.

Recommended pairing: N°02 Red Kampot Pepper. Try this recipe for spiced cranberry jam.

Quantity/weight: 4 quills ~ min. 17 g

Origin: Sri Lanka

Availability: In stock

More information

From time immemorial, Ceylon cinnamon, also known as true cinnamon, has been grown and processed according to the precise traditional techniques in Sri Lanka (previously named Ceylon until 1972). When compared with the more widely-known and accessible Cassia cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon is lighter in colour and more fragile, has a more delicious, sweet flavour, and a softer fragrance.

Ceylon cinnamon comes from the Ceylon cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume). The cinnamon farmers take intense care of their plantations; they maintain the height of the trees at 3 metres and only harvest their cinnamon 4 years after they’ve been planted.

First, the outer part of the bark must be removed from the cinnamon tree, as only the thin inner layer may be used as a spice. The purified inner bark is cut into strips to be dried in the sun. After a few minutes, the strips begin to roll up on their own. The dried strips are then hand-folded by farmers into multilayered quills that are left for another 3 to 4 days to dry naturally. The challenging work of processing Ceylon cinnamon is performed by experienced farmers, who have cultivated their skills over many decades.

Only the highest-quality sections of the inner bark are rolled into quills of Ceylon cinnamon. The edges, as well as smaller and lower-quality pieces, are ground into a powder, or they’re sold as pieces of cinnamon bark. The Sri Lankans are duly proud of the quality of Ceylon cinnamon and its intertwined traditions. They are currently trying to receive a Protected Geographical Indication in the EU. The Pure Ceylon Cinnamon logo can already be found on the packaging, indicating that the product actually comes from Sri Lanka and that it lives up to the expectations.

100 % Ceylon cinnamon | Store in a dry, dark place in a closed jar.

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