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N°15 Flower of Salt 100 g


Flower of salt is a rare form of sea salt that only forms in a few places around the world when sea, sun, and wind are in harmony. The minute crystals of the flower of salt have a particularly fragile structure, which is why they must be collected and cleaned exclusively by hand. Wait to season your meals with the flower of salt until they’ve been served. This way, the crystals will remain compact, ready to crunch with every mouthful, and release their flavour.

Flavour profile: A rich, complex, yet light, salty taste, with the aroma of the sea sealed in every crystal. 

Use: Add the crystals during the final seasoning phase, ideally right before or when the meal is actually eaten. Flower of salt is distinguished on steaks, cold dishes (salads, spreads, pâtés), and chocolate and caramel desserts.

Recommended pairing: Any of the Kampot pepper (e.g., N°03 White Kampot Pepper) in this recipe for beet spread.

Weight: 100 g

Origin: Cambodia

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The Kampot Region isn’t only the home of amazing Kampot pepper. It’s also one of the few places on earth where the local climate allows the rare flower of salt to come to life.

With ideal weather, the flower of salt is formed in thin layers, reminiscent of flowers on the surface of the salt pans on Cambodia’s southern coast in the Gulf of Thailand. The work surrounding Kampot flower of salt, everything from its cultivation to being cleaned, the workers perform by hand.

The flower of salt crystals have a typical pyramidal shape. This form is purely natural, the salt doesn’t undergo any refining or other chemical purifications. Also, no additives are included in its production. It contains a small amount of seawater and naturally occurring minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

We would remind you that your daily salt intake shouldn’t surpass 5 g.

Although the product is thoroughly hand-cleaned, traces and small impurities of purely natural origin, which are typical, given the nature of this ingredient, may occasionally occur in the traditionally processed, unrefined sea salt.

100% Flower of salt | Store in a dry, dark place, in a closed jar.

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